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Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences a person can go through. It is emotional and the process can have an unknown outcome. It also can be very expensive if not planned correctly. Having one of the top divorce lawyers who understands this is critical to emerging from a divorce without major damage to your psyche, children and finances.

An Attorneys Approach to Divorce Matters

Minimizing Conflict

At the Euless office of Weaver & Allen, P.C., Attorney Katherine Allen handles divorce and related legal matters who live in Tarrant County, including Grapevine, Colleyville, Hurst, and Bedford. She has a distinct philosophy of practice that you can discuss with her at your initial consultation. Her approach focuses on minimizing conflict and expense. Even more important to her is protecting the children involved from the consequences of the breakup of their parents’ marriage.

Dispelling Fear

As a woman married to her law firm partner, divorce attorney Katherine Allen knows about that stresses that could tear a marriage apart. She knows that the vast majority of people have not encountered the court system before and works hard to dispel the fear of the unknown that can make the process more difficult than it needs to be. Clients appreciate Katherine’s honesty and caring.

Communicating Openly

Divorce attorney Katherine Allen believes in open communication between client and attorney. She also believes that if you don’t feel comfortable telling your attorney everything—even negative things—you may wish to find another lawyer to handle your divorce. Katherine would rather lose a client than provide less than outstanding representation.

Divorce Planning is Important

Divorce is no different from other things in life: The more you plan, the more smoothly things will go. At Allen & Weaver, P.C., we encourage clients to think about divorce within the larger context of their lives. Some people wait until their children are in college. Should you? Some couples have not identified their goals in the divorce. What kind of child custody arrangement do they want? Should spousal support be paid? How will you divide the marital property ? The more questions you can answer even before you visit a lawyer, the easier it will be.

Of course, it is hard for most people to be organized when they are blindsided by a request for a divorce or find they can no longer live in the marriage. Attorney Katherine Allen helps clients identify the questions they should answer even before formal proceedings begin. If you can answer basic questions such as those related to the children’s living situations, you will have taken important steps toward an easier divorce. Divorce Lawyers at Allen & Weaver can help you.

She can also help you identify areas where some strategy on your part can help For example, if you are hoping to obtain more than the usual amount of visitation, you might think about the separation period when temporary orders are in force. This will give you a better chance of making the case that you should continue what you started.

What About the Children

Some people are eager to take revenge on a spouse they believed has wronged them. They may use their children as weapons in the effort to limit visitation. They may try to hide assets or income to limit the amount they are need to pay in child support. What they need to ask themselves is not how much something will cost them, but how much it will cost their children. Will the kids not have music lessons or go to summer camp because parents spent too much money on legal fees fighting each other? Katherine Allen helps parents work through their rage to get to a more positive place – a place that holds the long-term well-being of the children paramount. To get to such a place we employ mediation and other strategies that allow people to put their children ahead of their short-term anger.

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If divorce is in your future, even if you haven’t told your spouse yet, it’s not too early to start planning. When you call the divorce lawyers at Allen & Weaver, P.C., to schedule your initial consultation, you will be taking the first steps to a solid future for you and your kids. To learn more, call (817) 567-2721 or contact us online to take that first step. We serve Grapevine, Southlake, Hurst, Bedford and Colleyville communities from our Euless, Texas office.

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